a real work or your first well paid job?

Have you recently moved overseas and having trouble finding

Let me know if you have any of these struggles.

You hear crickets from CVs you submit.

When you do hear back it is an unapologetic no because you don't have the right qualification, your name reveals your immigrant background, and your experience is mostly from volunteering.

These are some of the things I experienced too! Here's what happened to me....

....no place for your passion

“......your CV shows you don't have any relevant local experience! Looks like you are a feminist with lots of work on women and gender. We have moved on from feminism in Australia and there's definitely no place for this in your area of specialisation [in human resources management].”

....change your name

Couple of years ago I went for a professional development course where one of my friends said that an instructor who was working with them said: “I’d advise you to change your real name to an English name because you can find a job more easily under the disguise of a new name.”

.....shorten your CV

“.......your CV is way too long. I’d recommend you shorten it and delete all your previous experiences to show you’re a newcomer in Australia. Your overseas experience is less likely to qualify you for a job.”

How many times have you heard similar comments during recruitment processes or immediately post-immigration?

I bet you're upset about facing a language barrier, cultural shock, social isolation when resettling in a new country.

You're probably also wondering that securing a decent first job is highly unlikely because the challenges of getting your credentials recognised and having a relevant local experience are just the tip of an iceberg….

That's not easy

You must be exhausted! Isn't it?

Don’t give up!

My experience has led me to introducing this Masterclass.

That's why I put my foot down and I want to help every person who is going through these experiences.

What if I told you that your extensive volunteering experience was one of the best things you've done for yourself?

What if I told you the skills you've developed through volunteering are in fact the exact skills that are going to land you into your next well paid job? 

Masterclass - How to Translate Volunteerism into Your Well-Paid Job


Walk away with:

The 4 chapters course is designed to help you find your first or next well-paid job, if you've just moved to Australia.

  • exact strategies to identify key employability skills and map your work experience timeline

  • improve essential transferable skills that are used in job search processes in Australia

  • step-by-step strategies to create a vision and manage your goals to find your first or next well-paid job

  • industry secrets to find hidden job markets and unconventional ways to find the right vacancy

  • exact roadmap for your first or next well-paid job

  • identify your strengths to land into your first paid job regardless of your volunteering background

Yes, everything is covered in 4 chapters, 40 lessons and more than 15 downloadable resources compiled in a handbook!

You may discover this is a simple, fun and the most convenient way to learn from the comfort of your own home…..on a click of a button.

Lay the foundation now to turn your dream into a goal with designing career principles and timeless strategies.

Take a sneak-peek at the chapters’ summary below.

I can guarantee you will feel better and hopeful about finding your first or well-paid job every single day by leveraging simplified strategies that withstand the test of times.

Translating volunteerism into finding your first or well-paid job is the first of its kind that not only shows you how to look at your career timeline and skills mapping differently but also provides you with timeless roadmap and step-by-step strategies. 

Believe it or not, these entire lessons are currently on sale for $97 ONLY! 

Give it a spin for 30 days or so - if you don’t feel motivated, do the iterative exercises that’s added on the downloadable resources and share your feedback. I will happily support you with some additional tools.

Who is this for?

Whether you are looking for your first well-paid job or you're a professional helping clients find their first well-paid job, this helps you both.

  • All new immigrants, refugees and international students in Australia.

  • Recent young and mid-career professionals from immigrant background who want to prepare for a job search.

  • Coaches, Mentors, and Executive managing volunteering programs.

All your doubts will be clear

As you sit there and read the following

Anjana Regmi - Relationship & Success Coach

You're in safe hands - I'm a qualified award winning subject matter expert

In my two decades long career I have learned from veteran industry experts and lived experiences of young children born in prison, people living with HIV/AIDS, women and children escaping family violence, single women (widows, divorcee, separated and unmarried), human trafficking survivors, people experiencing or at risk of homelessness and drug and alcohol related challenges, people with a disability and many more. Following immigration to Australia, I spent over ten years managing short executive education and consulting programs some of which were multinational, multiyear and multimillion dollars international aid and development programs. By now I have managed more than 500 short courses and professional development programs. Couple of these were also delivered in the South East Asia, South Pacific Region, as well as in local, state and federal government levels in Australia. Now, I am building these programs and courses to transfer these skills and knowledge to support you excel in your career and entrepreneurial ventures.

Understanding how your volunteerism can give you a well-paid job

Chapter 1:

Total 10 lessons including an introduction & summary.

How to discover transferable skills to find your first well-paid job?

Chapter 2:

Total 5 lessons including an introduction & summary. Plus two BONUS expert speakers from the UK & USA.

5 Key steps to design a vision & manage your goals

Chapter 3:

Total 7 lessons including an introduction & summary.

Top 8 strategies to discover hidden job markets & prepare irresistible applications

Chapter 4:

Total 10 lessons including an introduction & summary.

But it doesn’t end here. 

You'll receive an instantly downloadable Volunteerism to Paid Income Handbook with job search email sequence copies!


Yes! This contains a fully customisable job search email sequence copies. You can also take notes as you go through the lessons, map your skills, identify opportunities where you can volunteer from the comfort of your home, jot down reminders or work on developing strategies that will help you dive deeper into exploring and designing your first well-paid job search opportunities.

Learning Supports Include:

  • Device Compatible Resources

    All resources and lessons are designed to be device friendly, which means you can join on any device of your choice.

  • Download Free Resources

    You can download more than 10 resources that captures the essence of this masterclass.

  • Learning Activities

    5 hours self-paced high-quality course in audio, video, texts and pdf formats. 10 mutual learning sessions that’ll help me learn about you and the best ways to help you.

  • Social Learning Opportunities

    Discussion boards are included inside this platform to foster and create a mutual learning experience. If you've burning questions and need peer support - we're in this together. I will provide feedback to all your questions and you're very welcome to share your experiences with others too.

  • Coaching & Mentoring

    Once you've completed the course you've the opportunity to seek 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions.

One Last Time

Let Me Ask You this

We all know there is NO better time than now to redesign your career.

Your future - the future YOU Owe to Yourself!

We all wish we could do what we OUGHT to do after we complete.......[fill in the blanks, I am sure you have so many priorities because some of us have inherent nature of keeping ourselves last].

Those who know me knows this well. I absolutely don't want that for you. 

So, say this loud - NOT Anymore!

We have seen how volunteering can change lives, save lives and build lives.

We have witnessed several examples and role models in our day-to-day life from the beginning of this year.

Like never before, 2020 is teaching us the valuable lessons on volunteerism.

Volunteering is one of the most meaningful and highly respectable altruistic activities that one can do to promote the goodness in this world.

But, we are also experiencing job loss and missed opportunities.

Volunteering activities that match your life goals and personal values can take you miles.

If you've made this far, I want you to take a minute and picture where you want to be in 3 to 5 years from now.

So one last time, let me ask you this:

Do you want to come together and design your career while we stand as your private cheerleaders?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many years of volunteering experience do I need?

    There is no limit to the number of years. Ideally, you have engaged in something for at least three to six months and have taken responsibilities or played an active role to make an impact.

  • But I have already tried career development programs and they were a flop!

    There is a whole boatload of common mistakes that probably contributed to this 'flop'. They weren't a flop, they just needed to tweak their strategy and trust me this is not an easy gig. But, after twenty years of volunteering for community development as well as learning and development experience, I am bringing a holistic program. I can assure you will definitely find useful contents here.

  • I'm totally new in Australia and don't have any volunteering experience yet - can I still join?

    Yes! I will definitely cover how you can start volunteering; how can you select the right industry; how do you seek support and more.

  • My industry is completely unique, how can I be sure this course will be useful for me?

    Volunteering itself is a unique activity. If you think carefully, we volunteer almost everyday or week. Take recent world situation and how humanity united to make a difference! No one missed a chance to contribute - I can guarantee you will leave feeling you invested your time into learning something valuable.

  • But, Anjana, you sound like a very confident person. I am an introvert. I don't think I can do it.

    If I can do it, how can you be an exception? You have no idea how freaky public speaking, job interviews or performance reviews used to be for me when I first began my career. Even after the migration! It takes practice, but you've got to give it a go. Now, c'mon click that button and save your spot.

  • This sounds too good to be true!

    We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in this masterclass. Our vision is to help and support you as much as possible. By law, we cannot, and we simply do not intend to or make guarantees about your 100% success rate using our tools and strategies. Your results are dependent on your commitment to try, put lessons into practice, seek feedback and focus on the iterative process of learning. The action you take after this course decides your level of achievements. That said, we believe in your hard work and willingness to give this a go. That itself is a true testimonial of your passion and vision to rise and shine.