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A self-paced pre-recorded webinar is prepared to support your learning at your own pace at the comfort of your home, on a ride to work, during your lunch break or when it suits you without having the obligation to login or commit to at a pre-scheduled time. You will gain awareness about the concept of designing a career and how to implement 5 key strategies and 15 practical tips to discover transferrable skills from volunteering experiences. You will also receive a COMPLIMENTARY downloadable eBook that gives you some practical guidelines and worksheets to develop your values and prepare for job or career advancement interviews and find your light and work with the shadows because you know sometimes life happens. This is highly relevant for consultants, coaches, mentors and managers who're working closely with international students and people from refugee and immigrant communities in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Is this for me?

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  • Yes, if you're an international student or a new immigrant

  • Yes, if you're a consultant, coach, mentor, or a manager who works with people with a wealth of volunteering experiences

  • If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who's interested to discover how to transfer your volunteering experiences to scale your business

What's Included?

This is a Game Changer

  • Pre-recorded Webinar

    Your top 15 ways to learn how to find your first job using volunteering experiences is just a click away.

  • Community Support

    Use the discussion board to share your volunteering experience and build a network to foster a mutual learning process.

  • Download Your eBook

    Download your FREE eBook on 'How to Develop Your Core Values: Discover the Designing Career Secrets.' You'll love this because soon you'll come up with the list of Values that can inspire and motivate you!

You'll be Able to:

By the End of this Webinar

  • Acquire the general awareness about the concept of designing career

  • Examine limiting beliefs and how to rethink about your skills and strengths

  • Recognise the significance of defining your values and goals in life

  • Feel less stressed and worried about your career due to the pandemic or job loss

  • Apply 5 key strategies to your individual and personal circumstances

  • Feel inspired and motivated to relaunch your career using your transferrable skills

Your Opportunity Designer

Who am I?

Since you have taken this time to visit this page (and hopefully sign up), let me tell you something abut who the heck I am and why I am running this course. Join your trusted opportunity designer as I strongly believe in equipping you with em"power"ment strategies. If you are preparing to climb the Mt Everest of your life or career, then I am your Sherpa. What that means is, I help you design your journey and guide you towards your goal. I will not climb the Everest with you but watch you do it by yourself. As a multiple academic and social justice award winning subject matter expert I have 20+ years of experience in the topics that I will be sharing through this platform. Throughout your journey, I am your personal cheerleader....ta da!

Anjana Regmi

Opportunity Designer a.k.a Coach

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