Welcome to Mutual Learning Academy

Mutual Learning Academy is your numero uno opportunity design academy. We are designing exciting new contents to bring simple and affordable courses and programs that you can complete at the comfort of your home. This is where you can learn about optimising your cultural and symbolic knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to become an em"power"ed complexity fluent graduates, business coach, industry leaders and social influencers. Mutual Learning is all about creating a space where knowledge shared between two or more people is appreciated, acknowledged and documented. By introducing a non-judgemental space, we provide services at individual and organisational levels.

Meet Your Opportunity Designer

Who Am I?

Since you have taken this time to visit this page (and hopefully sign up), let me tell you something abut who the heck I am and why I am running this course. Join your trusted opportunity designer as I strongly believe in equipping you with em"power"ment strategies. If you are preparing to climb the Mt Everest of your life or career, then I am your Sherpa. What that means is, I help you design your journey and guide you towards your goal. I will not climb the Everest with you but watch you do it by yourself. As a multiple academic and social justice award winning subject matter expert I have 20+ years of experience in the topics that I will be sharing through this platform. Throughout your journey, I am your personal cheerleader....ta da!

Anjana Regmi

Opportunity Designer a.k.a Coach